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Working method

1. communications


Nachtigahl.communication, owner Thomas Nachtigahl, is a network of specialists for the most diverse areas of your communicative objectives. Your advantage: We offer you exactly the specialist who best suits your task, as we can fall back on a large pool of freelance copywriters, designers, filmmakers, 3D / 2D artists and composers. Some of these specialists have decades of experience - and of course they are still fresh in their heads.

The measures are designed and coordinated by us. For you this means: only one contact person for all measures and service providers. From brand workshops to trade fair appearances. For example.

Brand psychology.

Using our brand psychological approach, we not only determine the motifs, core values ​​and visual codes that are relevant to your brand and activate your target group, but also translate them into a design / communicative approach that your customers cannot resist.

Target achievement.

We focus on achieving your goals. Not thinking in channels. First we develop a concept that will inspire your target group. Then we find the corresponding touch points.


When implementing your concepts, we ensure that we implement the measures well thought out down to the last detail. We not only have experienced specialists in-house, but also work with competent, external service providers. So price and performance are right.


There is no such thing as impossible. If necessary, we will find the best solution even for the most difficult tasks. Even with tight timings.


We communicate openly, honestly and at eye level with our customers. This leads to exciting results and helps you to use your budget optimally.

2. coaching


Nachtigahl.coaching, bundles the activities that have been carried out for many years in the areas of: coaching, supervision, training and workshops in a separate business area. These measures are based on the holistic concept of systemic coaching. It sees the individual, the team or an organization as part of a system and optimizes the performance taking into account the variables of this system. In this way, the causes of imbalances are identified and solutions are worked out together - instead of just "fighting" symptoms superficially.

In addition, my customers benefit from my vast experience as an entrepreneur, interim manager and chairman of the supervisory board, which I incorporate into my coaching and training sessions.

Via nachtigahl.communications I can offer my customers the creation and optimization of presentation materials as well as the conception and implementation of unique incentive events and workshops at unusual and inspiring locations.

Systemic coaching.

Systemic coaching is based on the pillars of systemic therapy, the effectiveness of which is scientifically recognized. The basic idea is the assumption that z. B. Every individual is part of a system that is based on relationships and dependencies, both in a professional and private context. If this system shows one or more disorders, the satisfaction / productivity of this person decreases. The systemic coach temporarily becomes part of the system through his work, provides constructive impulses that bring the system back into balance and, if necessary, can even produce new, positive properties.

The coach's work is based on the client's potential, not on his deficits. Processes of self-knowledge, self-optimization and ultimately decisions for behavioral strategies are initiated by the customer using a wide variety of methods. This leads to a long-term improvement in satisfaction and thus performance of each individual.


Whether for presentations, key notes, job interviews or panel discussions, my training courses are based on the personality and resources of the respective client. The content of the training is tailored to this: For example, video feedback sessions, improvisation and objection exercises enable an improvement in performance.


Each of my workshops is individually tailored to the needs of the customer. Both in terms of content and the general conditions (location, catering, etc.). In particular, when it comes to initiating processes, creating openness, disruptive approaches (content / framework conditions) can deliver very good results.

Order clarification.

The client's objectives are discussed and defined. Based on this, I propose a concept / procedure that is then discussed and approved. In the process, a regular target / actual comparison of target achievement is discussed with the customer and any corrections made. Basically, at the beginning of the cooperation there will be a meeting to check whether the "chemistry" is right.

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