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Get Into Flow. (GIF)

I support you in developing your potential and finding flow: Into a state where they are efficient with their resources, they do the right things, they are more authentic as well as more visible and they balance their life. In other words. It's on. As often as possible. Professionally and privately. And accepting it if it doesn't go well once in a while. To learn from it in order to get back into the flow. With the right solution strategies. 

Groundbreaking: the flow theory

Flow is that indescribable feeling that an activity is effortless, that you become one with this activity. Athletes know flow, managers, craftsmen, surgeons, children and young people too. Virtually everyone knows this feeling. And everyone wants this state of efficiency, balance and identification with what they are doing. But it is too rare and usually ends much too quickly. The desire to prolong this state or to experience it more often is present in most of us consciously or at least subconsciously.

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