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Unique: the GIF concept.

Thanks to my GIF approach you can find your way into flow. The original theory of flow has been further developed by me and transformed into a unique systemic coaching approach, the GIF concept. Thanks to this Systemic Approach I offer you processes that help you to recognize and develop your resources, to identify drivers for your success and to use them, as well as to see obstacles so that you can neutralize them as far as possible. Making it work.

This is how you get into the flow.

Flow theory is based on general observations and empirical findings that a fit between work demands and the employee's motivation and performance favors flow. From this, general tips and advice on how to get into a state of flow were derived. It was disregarded that each person lives in his individual system that influences him, is exposed to personal experiences that shape/shaped him and has his own personal predispositions. Thus, the path to flow is unique for everyone and so is the experience of flow.

The GIF Coaching approach (Get Into Flow) I have developed uses the findings of science on the subject of conscious and unconscious (learning) processes, identifies and defines various GIF components that can enable the achievement of the state of flow. The composition and expression of these GIF components is individual for each person. Nevertheless, a number of GIF components could be defined by me, which are relevant for many.

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