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My benefits for you: Development of personal resources, more clarity and visibility to get into the flow.
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I support you in developing your potential and in the  Finding flow : In a state in which you use your resources efficiently, do the right things, are more authentic and visible, and balance your life. In other words. It runs. As often as possible. Professionally and privately. And to accept it if it doesn't work. To learn from this in order to then get back into the flow. With the right solution strategies.

With me you can find your way into the flow. The original theory of flow was developed further by me and turned into a unique one  systemic coaching approach transferred to the GIF  Concept (Get In the Flow) . Thanks to this systemic approach, I can offer you processes that  Help you to recognize your resources and to further develop the drivers ( GIF components)  to identify and use them for your success, as well as to see obstacles so that you can neutralize them as far as possible. So that it works.

You are unique and you live in a system with a unique combination of factors. That's why you have an individual  Approach deserves: Whether special methods, activities in the fields of outdoor / sport or art, I use the entire range of tools   Possibilities that the systemic coaching  and other disciplines offer - my GIF Toolbox - to add your own personal GFI components  optimize. In this way I prepare your personal path into the flow.

In addition to classic systemic coaching in the business area, I also offer training in the areas of presentation and media as well as organization and team development. Workshops on a wide variety of topics such as change processes and brand development, preferably embedded in a supporting program / location appropriate to the occasion, in order to unleash the creative potential of the participants.

I am your sparring partner.

I speak “your language” and understand your concerns because I have been a manager in the communications sector and chairman of the supervisory board for over 20 years. In combination with my systemic training and my open, motivating manner, I can provide you with the decisive impetus so that you can develop your potential further. Through my empathy and my listening, I can offer you or your team the right approach / methodology / location so that an optimal achievement of goals is made possible.

Synergy effects for you - thanks to nachtigahl.communications.

nachtigahl.communications ist ein Netzwerk aus Spezialisten für die verschiedensten Bereiche Ihrer kommunikativen Zielsetzungen. Ihr Vorteil: Wir bieten Ihnen genau den Fachmann, der bestens zu  Ihrer Aufgabenstellung passt, da wir auf einen großen Fundus von freien Textern, Designern, Filmemachern, 3D/2D Artisten  und Komponisten zurückgreifen können. Konzeptioniert und koordiniert werden die Maßnahmen über uns.  Das bedeutet für Sie: nur ein Ansprechpartner für sämtliche Maßnahmen und Dienstleister.

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Thomas Nachtigahl

Dipl. Kfm, minor in psychology, owner of nachtigahl.communications, over 20 years of experience in the development / management of national and international brands - focus on B2B in the mechanical engineering, innovation networks, service and media sectors. Particularly successful, integrative communication concepts can be developed and implemented through the brand psychological approach and the deep understanding of the motivations of the B2B decision-makers.

I also worked as Interim CMO at EIT Raw Materials and have been Chairman of the Supervisory Board of TC AG for over 10 years.

Training as a systemic coach at Wispo AG.

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Thank you for your curiosity about nachtigahl.communications. Whether as a possible customer or a future employee.

We are looking forward to your contact.

Syringe area, 6
22765 Hamburg

0049 171 867 12 61

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