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Process: GIF components

Find your drivers.

What drives you, what slows you down? Using systemic processes and methods from the GIF Toolbox I developed, I enable you to find out for yourself together with me: What resources do you have? Where can you still grow? What gives you energy, but also who or what draws energy from you? What stresses you and what doesn't? Whether you are doing the right things, which roles you take in your (professional) life and which of them are authentic and which are not. Does the job you are doing fit you? If it doesn't fit, what would have to happen to make it fit? All this, if desired, from two perspectives: self-image and external image. You will learn a lot about yourself and we will identify starting points for actions that are important for the coaching process. Thanks to the GIF Toolbox, I offer a variety of methods and modules to then enable you to find your way into flow in the next step.

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