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Extensive: my range of services

In addition to classic Systemic Coaching in the business area, I also offer you training in the areas of presentation and  Media on as well as organization and team development. Workshops on a wide variety of topics such as change processes and  Brand development, preferably embedded in a supporting program appropriate to the occasion | a location to exploit the creative potential of the  Release participants. So that you can go your way into the flow.

Get on your way.

The environment | system in which decision-makers operate is very complex, since forces of influence act on the respective person, some of which are difficult or impossible to control. On the one hand, courageous decisions are expected, but mistakes are still too rarely forgiven. On the one hand, a manager is expected to act in a stringent and goal-oriented manner, while on the other hand, he or she is expected to be empathetic and sensitive when dealing with teams or employees, for example. In addition, of course, an impeccable external image / visibility is required, as well as an openness to "AGIL" and "New Work". Oh yes, and all this with a high workload. The decision maker often feels light years away from flow.  This is where my coaching according to the GIF concept comes in.

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